Angry Birds Seasons


The most famous birds in the world dress up for every occasion




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Angry Birds Seasons is the first sequel to the classic Angry Birds, one of the most downloaded games in the history of Google Play, and a true reference within the world of touchscreen-device video games.

On Angry Birds Seasons you’ll find tons of new levels that come adapted to the season you’re in. So, for example, when it’s Christmas you’ll find levels with a Christmas theme, and when it’s Halloween you’ll find a spooky theme, in the summer you’ll get a summer theme, and so on.

Apart from this season’s carousel, Angry Birds Seasons maintains all of the elements that have made this such a successful saga. Gameplay is exactly the same: you have to launch your birds (the same old birds) against the evil pigs in an attempt to knock them out and get three stars.

Angry Birds Seasons offers more of the same, which is not bad considering it still has a solid gameplay that will delight the millions of fans of the original. Another excellent game in the most downloaded franchise in the history of Android.

Each new Angry Birds Seasons update adds between 15 and 40 levels.


Requires Android 2.3 or above.

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